Initial IP Board Certification
Exam Eligibility and Application Process

2023 IP Board Application 
Deadline to apply: Monday, October 2, 2023
2023 Exam Dates: December 2 - 9, 2023



The purpose of this document is to assist in the application process for board certification for the subspecialty of Interventional Pulmonology.  This process is being overseen by the American Association of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (AABIP).


The qualifications for each individual applicant will be reviewed by the Eligibility Review Committee (ERC) of the AABIP. Please refer to the eligibility criteria for the AABIP Interventional Pulmonary Board Certification examination.

The Eligibility Review Committee (ERC) will be composed of:
  • Chair
  • Four members from the AABIP Board of Directors (at the time of appointment)
  • Six additional members from the Interventional Pulmonary community

In addition to the 11 committee members there will be up to an additional 10 “at large or ad hoc” members selected to assist in the review process.

Review eligibility criteria for the AABIP Interventional Pulmonary Board Certification examination.


Application & Payment Deadline: Monday, October 2, 2023

Application Fee: $1900.00
Available Exam Dates: December 2nd through 9th, 2023
Testing Location: Testing will be conducted by Meazure Learning. There are numerous testing facilities available.
Scheduling Exam: Once your complete application has been approved by the Eligibility Review Committee, the AABIP will notify Meazure Learning that your application has been approved and you are eligible to select a testing date, time, and location.  Meazure Learning will contact you for scheduling late October/early November.

It is important for applicants to note that, in the United States, each State Medical Board has different policies and guidelines for physician advertising regarding specialty board certification. The AABIP recommends that applicants contact their State Medical Board for more information.

APPLY NOW (Initial IP Board Certification through accredited IP Fellowship pathway)


Note: This page is NOT for those applying for IP Board Recertification or IP Board Practice Pathway. Click here to submit an application for IP Board Recertification or IP Board Practice Pathway

The Interventional Pulmonary Board Certification application process will be conducted ONLINE and will include:
  1. Submit 2023 IP Board Application Form (application portal for those completing IP Fellowship from an accredited program will open late summer 2023) 
    1. Application fee of $1900
    2. Application Form
    3. Submit required documents:
      1. Credentials:
        • Medical School Diploma, General Pulmonary Board Certification, State Medical License
      2. Verification of training and experience
        • Residency and Fellowship Certificates
      3. Curriculum vitae
      4. Attestation letter
APPLY NOW (Initial IP Board Certification through accredited IP Fellowship pathway)

2023 Update in IP and CAQ / IP Board Review Course (click here for more information)


$1900.00 USD


2023 IP Board Exam application Deadline: 10/2/2023

All documentation must be received prior to the deadline of 10/2/2023 @ 11:59 EST.  Failure to provide all documentation will lead to forfeiture of the application fee.  (See refund policy below)


All documentation must be received prior to the application submission deadline of 10/2/2023 @ 11:59 pm EST.  Failure to provide all documentation will lead to forfeiture of the application fee.  If the applicant chooses to withdraw from consideration he/she will have 1 week from the date of initial application for a full refund (This is the CANCELLATION DEADLINE), after which a penalty of $150 will be kept for administrative costs. If the withdrawal is requested before the application is marked as complete, the penalty of $150 will apply.  If the withdrawal is requested after the application is marked as complete, refunds will be processed as per the policy outlined below or the applicant may choose to apply the full amount towards the next year’s application plus any additional costs if applicable. (See refund policy below.)

  • 85% of the exam fee will be refunded if cancellation is received on or before 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on the application completion deadline, i.e. 10/2/2023 @ 11:59pm.
  • 50% of the exam fee will be refunded when cancellation is received between 12:00 midnight Eastern Time on the day after the application completion deadline and 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on the day prior to the exam.


Once all of the credentialing material has been submitted, an individual account and packet will be put together by the AABIP administrative staff and will then be forwarded to the Chair of the ERC; the packet will then be distributed to one of the Eligibility Review Committee (ERC) members. The individual members of the ERC will then have 1 week to review the information and either accept or reject a member’s application. Rejections must be accompanied by appropriate comments by the ERC member.

If accepted, the applicant will be notified by e-mail regarding eligibility to sit for the examination. This eligibility will be valid for two years. The applicant must sit for the AABIP Board Certification Examination during this time-frame, if they are unable to do so, the applicant will be required to completely repeat the application process, including application fee.

Once the application process has been completed and approved, the ERC will compile a list of individuals accepted to sit for the examination and forward this on to the testing organization, who will provide the registrant with all of the necessary information regarding exam registration, location and logistics.


If the application is rejected the notification will come by e-mail and standard certified mail, signed by the current Chair of the BEARC. If the application is rejected, the individual will have the opportunity for an appeal. The appeal must be initiated within 2 weeks of the official rejection notification.  Appeals should be submitted to the AABIP via email to [email protected] in the form of a formal letter stating the reasons for appeal. Chair of the BEARC will then review the appeal request, eligibility of the appeal and entire application. If the application is rejected again, the Chair of the BEARC will present this application to the entire Board of Directors. The AABIP Board of Directors then votes anonymously and majority opinion determines the final status regarding the appeal. If the BOD decision is to confirm rejection of the application, the final notification will be sent to the applicant by e-mail as well as a formal letter from the AABIP, signed by the current President. The applicant will, however, have the opportunity to reapply for future examinations based on the applicable criteria at that time.

UPDATED: 4/11/2023