History of IP Board Certification


The AABIP established a certification process in an effort to improve the quality, consistency and scientific rigor within the field of Interventional Pulmonology. This provides patients, healthcare organizations and other interested parties with a standard and readily comprehensible description of the qualifications and experience held by the physician whose services are being engaged. This enhances clinical care, fosters greater collaboration, improves research, advances science and encourages standardization of the training process.

To develop this certification process, the AABIP established a task force consisting of a broad cross section of stakeholders to issue recommendations that would guide the implementation. This task force was comprised of Interventional Pulmonologists from various career stages and practice areas including academic and community settings.


Based on the Task Force recommendations an introductory period was implemented that ended in 2017. Only graduates of AABIP listed Interventional Pulmonology Programs will be eligible to take the Board Certification Examination beginning in 2017. Details regarding the IP fellowship requirements and accreditation process will be released in a future document. It is expected that the currently listed procedural requirements will be maintained and the fellowship programs should use this grace period to remedy any possible deficiencies in their curriculum until formal accreditation procedures are in place.


The last year for board certification without a one year dedicated Interventional Pulmonology fellowship was 2016. Only graduates of AABIP listed Interventional Pulmonology Fellowship Programs are eligible to take the Board Certification Examination beginning December 2017. The formal Interventional Pulmonology Fellowship Program accreditation process is still in process for ratification by all key stakeholders. Until the accreditation process is complete and the accreditation committee issues the final rules and deadlines, only fellows from existing AABIP listed Interventional Pulmonology Fellowship Programs will be deemed eligible to apply for enrollment in the AABIP IP Board Certification Examination, based on the criteria outlined below.

IP Board Eligibility
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