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Journal: 40

AMPLE (2) Activity: Does drainage schedule impact activity in patients with indwelling pleural catheters for malignant pleural effusions?

Author: Ilana roberts Krumm
Reviewers: Yaron B. Geshthalter & Jaskaran Sethi

Posted: July 2023

Journal: 39

Does autologous blood patch pleurodesis (ABPP) have higher success rates in air leak closure than doxycycline pleurodesis in patients with secondary spontaneous pneumothorax (SSP) with persistent air leak?

Author: Stephanie Hampton
Reviewers: Abesh Niroula & Abhishek Kumar
Posted: June 2023

Journal: 38

Author: Megan Opatrny, MD
Reviewers: Max Wayne, MD & Sameer Kaushik Avasarala, MD
Posted: May 2023

Journal: 37
Author: Jose Antony Paul
Reviewers: Jaskaran Sethi & John Egan

Posted: April 2023

Journal: 36

Could a specific ventilatory protocol reduce atelectasis during peripheral bronchoscopy?


Author: Kamel Gharaibeh
Reviewer: Van Holden
Posted March 2023

Journal: 35

Dual agent intrapleural fibrinolytic therapy (IPFT) for complicated pleural space infections (CPSI), does it compare to surgery?

Author: Damarys Hernandez
Reviewers: Sameer Avasarala & Jose De Cardenas
Posted: February 2023
Journal: 34

Confirmatory Mediastinoscopy after Negative Endobronchial Ultrasound-guided Transbronchial Needle Aspiration

Author: Stephen Russell
Reviewers: Abesh Niroula & Abhishek Kumar

Posted: January 2023

Journal: 33

Does systemic anticancer treatment result in resolution of malignant pleural effusion in patients with pharmacologically sensitive tumors?

Author: Van Holden
Reviewers: Yaron Gesthalter & Hatoon Abbas
Posted: December 2022
Journal: 32Probability of lung cancer in patients with incidentally detected pulmonary nodules
Author: Abesh Niroula
Reviewers: John Egan & Sisir Akinenni
Posted November 2022
Author: Siddharthan Vaithilingam
Reviewers: Christian Ghattas & Abhishek Kumar
Reviewers: Sameer Avasarala & Jaskaran Sethi
Posted August 2022


Tracheostomy Timing and ICU Utilization: Means of Liberation or Marker of Dependence?


Author: John Howe

Reviewers: Jaskaran Sethi & Jose DeCardenas

Posted July 2022


Can the right pathway come at the correct cost?

Author: Ankish Ratwani
Reviewers: See Wei Low & Shalini Mehta

Posted June 2022


Small-bore pigtail catheters (PC) are as effective as large-bore surgical chest tubes (ST)in patients with traumatic hemothorax (HTX) and hemopneumothorax (HPTX)

Author: Momen Banifadel
Reviewers: Sameer Avasarala & Jose De Cardenas

Posted May 2022

Journal: 26

Posted: April 2022

Journal: 25

Check and correct? Assessing the safety of thoracentesis or tube thoracostomy for patients with uncorrected bleeding tendencies

Author: Judd Heideman

Reviewers: See Wei Low & Shalini Mehta
Posted: March 2022

Journal 24:

Shape-Sensing Robotic-Assisted Bronchoscopy in the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Parenchymal Lesions

Author: Fahid Alghanim

Reviewers: See Wei Low & Sameer Avasarala

Posted: February 2022

Journal: 23

Randomized trial of indwelling pleural catheters for refractory transudative pleural effusions – REDUCE study

Author: Kayla Kolbe

Reviewers: Van Holden and Jose De Cardenas
Posted: January 2022

Journal: 22

Poor Concordance between Sequential Transbronchial Lung Cryobiopsy and Surgical Lung Biopsy in the Diagnosis of Diffuse Interstitial Lung DiseasesTo Cryo or Not to Cryo 

Reviewer: Mohanad Saleh

Editors: Van Holden & Coral Giovacchini 

Posted: December 2021

Journal: 21


Topical mitomycin-C (MMC) in the treatment of laryngotracheal stenosis (LTS)

Reviewer: Karthik Vijayan

Editors: Alex Chee and Christian Ghattas
Posted: November 2021

Journal: 20
Reviewer: Karthik Vijayan
Editors: Alex Chee and Christian Ghattas
Posted: April 2021

Reviewer: Mark Godfrey
Editors: Van Holden and Coral Giovacchini
Posted: January 2021

Journal 17: 

The Impact of Gravity vs Suction-driven Therapeutic Thoracentesis on Pressure-related Complications

Reviewer: Chrystal Chan
Editors:  Alex Chee and Christian Ghattas
Posted: December 2020

Journal 16: 
Editors: Van Holden & Vivek Murthy
Posted: November 2020

Journal 15: 

Editors: Abdul Hamid Alraiyes & Jasleen Pannu
Posted: October 2020

Journal 14: 

Editors: Christian Ghattas & Jose De Cardenas
Posted: August 2020

Reviewer: Sameer Avasarala
Editors: Christian Ghattas & Jasleen Pannu
Posted: June 2020

Journal: 10

Editors: Jose De Cardenas & Majid Shafiq
Posted: February 2020

Reviewer: Jose De Cardenas
Editors: Van Holden & Abdul Hamid Alraiyes

Posted: December 2019

Journal 7:

Editors: Christian Ghattas & Vivek Murthy
Posted: October 2019

Journal 5:

Reviewer: George Cheng

Editors: Alex Chee & Jasleen Pannu

Posted: September 2019

Journal 4:

Reviewer: Alex Chee
Editors: George Cheng & Abdul Hamid Alraiyes
Posted: August 2019

Journal 3:

Reviewer: Jasleen Pannu
Editors: Vivek Murth & Abdul Hamid Alraiyes
Posted: July 2019

Journal 2:

Reviewer: Vivek Murthy
Editors: Christian Ghattas & George Cheng
Posted: June 2019

Journal 1:


Reviewer: Christian Ghattas
Editors: Alex Chee & Jasleen Pannu

Posted: May 2019

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Christian Ghattas, MD
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