AABIP Biostatistics Course



The AABIP would like to invite you to register for our online INTRODUCTION TO BIOSTATISTICS COURSE.

Enrollment is free to AABIP members.  



Online sessions will be held December 4, 2023 to February 5, 2024

DESCRIPTION – At the end of this course, participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of basic principles and methods of biostatistics
  • Learn how to apply these principles and methods to answer relevant research questions
  • Develop the ability to critically analyze medical literature
  • Develop an understanding of Stata statistical software package


  • After the successful completion of this course, participants will understand and be able to implement the fundamental principles and methods of health research such as:
  • Critically evaluate medical literature by describing the basic principles of quantitative methods, including disease (outcome) measures, measures of association, study design options, bias, confounding, and effect modification
  • Describe the use of descriptive statistics, probability distributions, and sampling
  • Understand concepts of event outcomes, mutual exclusivity, and independence
  • Conduct hypothesis testing, construct and describe confidence intervals based on study outcomes and explanatory factors 
  • Apply and interpret methods for the analysis of tabular and discrete data (contingency tables)
  • Apply and interpret methods for correlation and regression analyses (linear regression and logistic regression)
  • Apply and interpret methods for survival analysis (K-M curve, Log-rank and Cox regression analysis) 
  • Conduct a peer review of a journal article


  • This is an online course with 10 topics spanning approximately 2 months.
  • Video modules covering each topic will be made available for online viewing.
  • Short assignments with feedback will be incorporated into the course structure.
  • Videos can be viewed on a participant’s schedule, but homework assignments are due at specific times
  • Homework answers and explanations will be posted after the assigned date

Lecture  FacultyTopicStata
1 Horiana Grosu Introduction to epidemiology, main ideas Data description and graphs
2 Horiana Grosu Introduction to data description More on graphs
3 Horiana Grosu Basics of probability Calculation mean in STATA
4 Horiana Grosu Hypothesis testing and ttest ttest in STATA
5 Horiana Grosu Analysis of proportions, chi2 and Fischer exact test Chi2 and Fischer exact test in STATA
6 Samira Shojaee Simple and Multiple linear regression Simple and Multiple linear regression in STATA
7 Samira Shojaee Simple and multiple logistic regression Simple and multiple logistic regression in STATA
8 Horiana Grosu Survival analysis K-M curve in STATA
Log Rank test
9 Horiana Grosu Cox regression Cox regression in STATA
10 David Ost Peer review an article



Horiana B. Grosu, MD, MPH (Course Director) 
Associate Professor 
University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center 

Houston, Texas

Samira Shojaee, MD, MPH 
Associate professor of Medicine and Thoracic Surgery 
Vanderbilt University 

Nashville, Tennessee 

David Ost, MD, MPH 
University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center 

Houston, Texas