AABIP Research Committee Studios (ARCS)

The American Association of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (AABIP) Research committee proposes a new clinical and translational research service line to AABIP members to facilitate young investigator research project from concept idea to implementation to manuscript review.


ARCS bring together clinical and translational research experts to provide free, structured, project-specific feedback for young investigators (fellow-level or junior faculty, 5 years max. from graduation). Studios are a series of integrated, dynamic, and interactive roundtable discussions that bring relevant research experts from diverse academic disciplines together to focus on a specific research project at a specific stage.

After an investigator completes a brief online Studio application, a Studio “manager” reviews the request, assembles a panel of three to six experts (research faculty from multiple disciplines), and circulates the pre-review materials electronically. Investigators can request one of seven Studio formats: hypothesis generation, study design, grant review, implementation, analysis and interpretation, manuscript review, or translation. A Studio moderator leads each Studio session, managing the time (60 minutes) and discussion to optimize the usefulness of the session for the investigator. All studios will occur via Zoom


Steps in the AABIP Research Committee Studio Program

  1. The investigator logs onto the AABIP website
  2. The investigator completes the “AABIP Research Committee Studio request form” for a studio session.
  3. The studio manager reviews the request and forward to the research committee chair.
  4. The investigator receives a response from studio manager within 10 days.
  5. The studio manager compiles a list of 2 to 4 experts including one moderator and invites all of them to a studio session using www.doodle.com.
  6. The studio manager schedules a 60-minute Zoom session and invites participants.
  7. The studio moderator gives the investigator 10 minutes to present the project and and then leads the discussion.
  8. Each experts provides verbal feedback during the session.
  9. The studio session may be recorded at the request of the investigator.


Studio type Description
Hypothesis generation  Assists investigators with generating feasible, innovative, novel, ethical and relevant research questions and hypotheses that will ultimately lead to funded, executed, productive projects
Study design  Assists investigators with developing research protocols that take advantage of the breadth of study design options available to address, as effectively as possible, the specific research hypotheses
Grant review  Assists investigators by critically reviewing the grant application to enhance the chance of funding; examines specifically the scope of the specific aims, the background and significance, the preliminary studies, and the research design/methods; functions as an internal study section to make the application more competitive
Implementation  Assists investigators with executing and monitoring research projects that adhere to the best standards in research methods
Analysis and interpretation  Assists investigators with analyzing and interpreting study data and findings, generating subsequent hypotheses and research questions, and identifying insights that could inform theories and understandings for further basic science, clinical research, and/or population-based or community research.
Manuscript review  Assists investigators in preparing a manuscript to enhance the chance of publication in a peer-reviewed journal; helps target appropriate journals for publication and assists investigators in presenting the data in the most compelling manner; functions as an internal pre-review to improve clarity, to fix obvious errors, to strengthen the focus and logic of the story, and to suggest better ways of graphing the results and presenting tables


Daniel W ByrneItalo BiaggioniGordon R BernardTara T HelmerLeslie R BooneJill M PulleyTerri EdwardsRobert S Dittus. Clinical and translational research studios: a multidisciplinary internal support program. Acad Med, 2012 Aug;87(8):1052-9.


1. Complete AABIP Research Committee Studio Request Form (link below).

2. Upload any relevant documents in Word format only (protocol, grant proposal, etc.)

AABIP Research Committee Studio Request