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Our Donors represent the heart and soul of our mission driven organization.  We cannot do it without you!  Every donation makes a meaningful impact that is far reaching throughout all of our membership and the patients we serve daily.  Because of your generosity in donating, we are able to create opportunities which continue to grow the field of interventional pulmonary in the most inclusive way.  We Congratulate each of our Donors --you INSPIRE with your giving.   Take a look at our SPOTLIGHT featuring one of the many ways you may designate your giving.   

I nnovation in the field of advanced bronchoscopy and interventional pulmonary
N ew initiatives
S  cientific progress and building the evidence of technologic application
P urposeful mission to advance patient care
 nclusion and growth of our membership
R  esearch

E ducational tools and materials for our patients and our non physician and physician members


How Your Donations Make an Impact

Spotlight on AABIP Diversity, Inclusion and Unity Committee 

In 2024 you will see the first Inaugural education/ travel grant for the AABIP annual conference as well as our Inaugural Sponsorship program that will open up new opportunities for physician and non-physician members to apply for specific working groups with one on one sponsorship that lead to pathways to committee leadership. Stay tuned for upcoming requests for applications in the coming weeks! 

Member donations specific to the DIU will help us provide more support for DIU initiatives and we hope you will give toward these groundbreaking efforts.

Carla Lamb, MD
Chair, AABIP Diversity, Inclusion and Unity Committee

"Since the inception of the AABIP DIU committee in 2022, our mission statement embodies our commitment to an organizational culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and unity. We embrace equal opportunity for members to participate and encourage applications for working groups, committees and leadership positions from all genders, ethnicities, races, and nationalities of our non-physician and physician AABIP members in good standing . We have a vision that the guiding values of diversity, equity and inclusion will help shape AABIP policies and procedures to support our members.  By promoting and creating equity, dignity, and respect amongst advanced bronchoscopy and interventional practitioners alongside our non-physician members we aim to be able to work together towards better health outcomes for all patients regardless of gender, ethnicity, race or nationality.
Our ongoing efforts are to put into action meaningful ways to create a stronger community of belonging and carve out new opportunities to offer our members to become even more engaged in our organization."   

Krystle Pew, MD
DIU Committee Member
"Please join us and support efforts to further diversity, unity, and inclusion in IP. Your donation will empower us to foster a more inclusive environment, break down barriers to growth and promote equal opportunities for all. Together, let's build a community that thrives on diversity and embraces the richness it brings to the field of IP!"

George Cheng, MD
AABIP Research Committee Chair and DIU Committee Member
"The American Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (AABIP) Diversity Inclusion and Unity Committee is a vital force in advancing the fields of bronchology and interventional pulmonology. Through its dedicated efforts the committee not only fosters a culture of inclusivity within the AABIP but also ensures that these values extend into patient care and research. The committee's work is crucial in promoting diversity within the workforce thereby enriching perspectives and approaches in the field. Its focus on inclusivity also helps in addressing health disparities ensuring that patient care is equitable and sensitive to the diverse needs of different communities. The impact of the committee's work resonates beyond the immediate professional community as it sets an exemplary standard for how diversity and inclusion can drive excellence and innovation in specialized medical fields."

Molly Jozefowski, PA-C
DIU Committee Member
“Integrity, patience, and perspective-taking are key in providing excellent medical care to vulnerable patients. With the help of the DIU committee, we encourage each other to live our values and to promote opportunities that inspire others to do the same."


AB Alriayes, MD
AABIP Communications & Social Media Chair & DIU Committee Member
"At AABIP, we believe in the power of diversity to drive innovation, foster creativity, and create a more equitable world. Today, we proudly announce our commitment to supporting diversity through strategic donations and partnerships."

Labib Debiane, MD 
AABIP BEARC Committee Chair & DIU Committee Member
"Engaging regularly in DIU committee meetings has helped me wire my strategic thinking to always include diversity and inclusion in the routine activities of our board eligibility committee."

Husam Nayef, MD
DIU Committee Member
“DIU is the voice of our diverse community.”

Colleen Channick, MD
AABIP Education Committee Chair & DIU Committee Member
"I am honored to be helping with the DIU committee’s critical mission to facilitate inclusion and diversity of the IP community."


Mihir Parikh, MD
DIU Committee Member
"I am so proud to be a member of the AABIP DIU Committee and to help contribute to the AABIP's efforts to improve diversity, inclusion, and unity in Interventional Pulmonology. Please join me as we strive to make IP a safer and more welcoming place for all of our trainees, providers, and patients."

David Shore, MD
IP Fellow & Pediatric IP Representative for the DIU Committee
"We recognize that there exist significant disparities in lung disease, and one key, often neglected answer is to improve representation. We need physicians who understand our patients and their unique stories. By promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice, the AABIP DIU Committee is mentoring innovative and diverse young faculty, advanced practitioners, including pediatric advanced bronchoscopists and interventional pulmonologists, and working to create the leaders our patients identify with."

Nicholas Pastis, MD
AABIP Certification Committee Chair & DIU Committee Member
"The Diversity, Inclusion, and Unity (DIU) committee champions to expand inclusiveness in the AABIP. By providing mentorship and sponsorship, trainees and junior faculty are able to contribute at our national meeting and in committee work.  Health care professionals at all levels who are involved with advanced diagnostic or therapeutic pulmonary procedures are welcomed to the society which creates a more diverse exchange of ideas and collaboration to advance the field." 

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