AABIP Procedure Video Educational Series

Editor: Matt Aboudara, MD

Authors: AB Alraiyes M.D., Matt Aboudara, M.D., Ala Eddin Sagar M.D., Christian Ghattas, M.D., Faria Nasim, M.D., Labib Debiane, M.D., See Wei Low, M.D., Roy Cho, M.D., An Ho, M.D., Javier Diaz-Mendoza, M.D., Maykol Postigo, M.D., Suchitra Pilli, M.D., Luke Seaburg, MD, Nate Ivanick, MD, Amir Abramovich, MD, Ali Saeed, MD, Hasnain Bawaadam, MD

Conflict of Interest: Author conflict of interests have been listed at the end of each video

Reviewers: David Hsia, M.D., Ashutosh Sachdeva, M.D., Colleen Keyes, M.D., Daniel DaCosta, M.D., Prarthna Chander, M.D., Jose DeCardenas, M.D., Audra Schwalk, M.D., Julie Lin, M.D., Robert Lentz, MD

Current Edition:  August 2022

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The American Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (AABIP) procedure video educational series is designed to fulfill the AABIP’s mission in being the leader in bronchoscopy education for interventional pulmonologists and advanced bronchoscopists.  Procedural competence is gained through appropriate understanding of the indication, contraindications, and learning the safe technique of a particular procedure through simulation training and supervised mentorship.  Procedure videos have fast become a popular means to supplement procedure training by providing a visual reference and explanation for the learner that cannot be understood through reading articles or textbooks. 

This video library provides the “how to” of a procedure. They do not discuss the indications, contraindications, or complications of a procedure.  Knowledge of those components is mandatory in performing interventional pulmonology procedures and viewers are encouraged to review the IP Fellows Reading List for a comprehensive reference library on these procedures.

The target audience is pulmonary fellows, interventional pulmonology fellows, thoracic surgery residents, pulmonary and thoracic surgery attendings looking for additional education to begin doing a specific procedure and anyone else looking for information on how these are performed.  These videos are not intended to be a venue to display the superiority of one technology over another or to showcase successful procedures.  They are purely for educational purposes.

The AABIP does not endorse a specific product or company.  Every effort has been made to represent more than one product for a procedure, if one exists, and to avoid bias towards one product over another.  The authors of the videos acknowledge that there may be more than one way to perform a procedure than what was demonstrated in the video and that there may be institutional differences on how procedures are performed. However, the core components of the procedure are demonstrated. 

A series will be released once it is completed.  Updates to the videos will occur if there is a substantial change in technology. 

Topic authors and editors are listed at the end of each video as well as any conflict of interests.  These videos are made by non-paid volunteers whose sole motivation is to promote education in advanced bronchoscopy and interventional pulmonology.

Video Library Content:

This video library will seek to encompass all procedures related to therapeutic bronchoscopy (e.g. rigid bronchoscopy, ablative therapy, stent placement), advanced diagnostic bronchoscopy (e.g. EBUS, peripheral bronchoscopy), and pleural disease (e.g. medical thoracoscopy, indwelling pleural catheters).  Upon completion of one video series, the next video series will be announced.   

Disclaimer Statement:

The following videos are for educational purposes only and are not meant as a substitute for mentored hands-on training and should not be used to guide patient care decisions. Demonstrating competency to perform the following procedures should be guided by local institutional policies and procedures. The techniques and views presented here are entirely the views of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect the views of the AABIP.  The AABIP does not endorse any specific product or technique.

Table of Contents:

  1. Convex endobronchial ultrasound bronchoscopy (EBUS)

  2. Peripheral Bronchoscopy

  3. Pleural Disease

Stay tuned for the next Procedure Video Educational series: Rigid Bronchoscopy