IP Board Eligibility Criteria


  1. Individuals who have not successfully completed an IP fellowship are not eligible to take the board exam.
  2. IP fellowship graduates from all AABIP-listed programs are eligible to take the examination until 2025, since provisional fellowship program accreditations were issued starting July 2018.
  3. Graduates before 2018 will maintain the 7 years of eligibility until 2025.
  4. Starting with the graduating class of 2018, graduates are eligible if the fellowship program was provisionally or fully accredited on the day of graduation.
  5. Starting in 2025, only IP fellowship graduates from accredited fellowships are eligible for board certification.
  6. Fellows are expected to take the board certification examination within 7 years of completing their AABIP-listed Interventional Pulmonology Fellowship Program.
  7. Application must be accompanied by a letter with the IP Fellowship Director endorsement for eligibility and a copy of training certificate.
  8. No credit will be granted toward certification for training that is not recognized by the AABIP.
  9. Graduating Fellows will NOT be required to submit procedure logs.

IP fellowship accreditation committee is a joint responsibility of the AABIP and AIPPD.  


A process will be available for candidates facing unusual circumstances. It is expected that these will be exceptions to policy and will be decided on a case-by-case basis. The AABIP has created a Board Eligibility Committee that will review all board applications and appeals.

  • Individuals who have made substantial contributions to scholarship in Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology based upon research, publications, presentations and chairing sessions at National/International meetings may be eligible to sit for the IP Board Certification Examination at the sole discretion of the AABIP Board of Directors.


  • The AABIP reserves the right to audit any applications. The AABIP expressly reserves the right to amend the eligibility criteria
  • The AABIP specifically reserves the right to revoke or suspend any certificate obtained by fraud, any material misrepresentation in the application, for failure to maintain an active and unrestricted license to practice medicine, etc.

Date of amended version: 09/14/2022