Request for Applications

The AABIP Diversity, Inclusion and Unity Committee is requesting applications for: AABIP DIU Sponsorship Program
Deadline to apply: Wednesday, January 31, 2024


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Activity: AABIP DIU Sponsorship Program

Term: 1-year (timeline may vary upon project)

The goal of the AABIP Sponsorship Program is to decrease barriers to participation by formally creating a pathway for those interested in meaningful involvement within the organization. Sponsorship differs from the AABIP Mentorship Program as it focuses on promoting individual growth and advancement through access to opportunities within the organization. Sponsors provide guidance and support and can be a great resource for networking and advice. The AABIP Sponsorship Program aims to create developmental relationships focused on increasing membership participation in organization programs.

Roles and Responsibilities

Program participants are expected to meet all program requirements. Program participants should attend all sponsor meetings and committee meetings as determined by their sponsor. Program participants are expected to work with sponsors to complete the following (as appropriate):
  • Outline project objectives
  • Draft a project timeline including milestones
  • Schedule progress reports with sponsor
  • Generate project assessment at completion
  • Participate in Sponsorship post-project surveys
  • Present final progress report to the DIU Committee

Sponsorship Opportunities

These opportunities involve a specific task or deliverable. AABIP Sponsorship Program will offer opportunities to participate in AABIP committee working groups. Projects will have a variety of project specific timelines for completion.  Selected applicants will be paired with a project sponsor.

When applying, applicants will list in rank order their preference of top three projects.  These selections will be taken into consideration when matching sponsorship opportunities.
  • AABIP Board Eligibility Review Committee (BEARC): Website Review
  • AABIP Certification Committee: CAQ Bronchoscopic Endobronchial Valve Assessment
  • AABIP Education Committee: IP Fellows' Reading List
  • AABIP Education Committee: IP Fellows' Challenge (applicant must be an attending physician)
  • AABIP Education Committee: Journal Club
  • AABIP Education Committee: Podcasts
  • AABIP Education Committee: Patient Video Education (video experience encouraged, but not required)
  • AABIP Media Subcommittee: AABIP Procedure Videos (video experience encouraged, but not required)

Criteria for Selection
  • AABIP member in good standing who is NOT serving on an AABIP committee:
    • All members are encouraged to apply, including those who have submitted for prior RFA; APPs, PCCM/IP fellows, early career physicians, pediatric pulmonologists, those with a variety of clinical practice settings, mentees in the AABIP mentorship program, women and those under-represented in the field of advanced bronchoscopy and interventional pulmonology.

How to Apply:

Click the button below to submit application.

Required Documents:
  1. Statement of Interest, including any applicable skills related the project(s) selected.
  2. CV

Deadline to Apply: Wednesday, January 31, 2024


Carla Lamb, MD
Chair, AABIP Diversity, Inclusion and Unity Committee